About Us

Ashby Cohen Solicitors Ltd was formed in 1999 by Alain Cohen and Paul Samuel.  Between them they bring over 60 years experience gained during careers in law, commerce and industry.

The firm operates in all areas of employment law, partnership law and commercial agency. We do nothing else.

We ensure that our clients feel that they are in capable hands by providing:

  • Clarity – about your rights, your risks, your options and your costs
  • Expertise –  in our practice areas
  • Partnership – working with you to achieve your goals in the most efficient and practical way possible. 

Please click here to contact us or call:020 7408 1338.

Alain Cohen


Director, Co-founder
Year of Qualification - 1973

Oliver Dykes


Director of Strafford Law
Consultant of Ashby Cohen
Year of Qualification - 1995

Paul Samuel


Consultant, co-founder of Ashby Cohen
Year of Qualification - 1975

Rachel Lester


Senior Solicitor
Year of Qualification - 1999

Rana Tandon


Associate Solicitor
Year of Qualification - 2008