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Cyber bullying in the workplace

Speak to Ashby Cohen if you feel you are suffering with bullying in the workplaceWhile bullying in the workplace is, unfortunately, not a new thing, the increased reliance on internet technology and social media over the last decade or so has led to an increase in what’s known as cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying can be defined as anything liable to cause an individual hurt or offence, which is sent across the internet – either in more personal forms like email, or through a public channel like a social media site.

For example, cyber bullying could take the form of:

  • Malicious emails or even SMS text messages
  • Electronic communications that feature explicit images, offensive content or offensive jokes tied back to an individual’s ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation
  • Electronic communications which were originally meant to correct errors in an individual’s work, which have been sent to others for the purpose of embarrassing the individual
  • Comments posted on social media sites about an individual that could be considered malicious or threatening
  • A desktop background or screensaver featuring content that could be deemed offensive
  • The sharing of manipulated images or videos of an individual that could be considered embarrassing or offensive

While any form of bullying can obviously be hurtful, the widespread reach of the internet and social media means that cyber bullying can be even worse, with the bullying being visible to a wide range of people.

Worse still, it can stick – jeopardising your career progression and future employment chances.

As such, it’s imperative that you do something about it. While speaking to a bully and attempting to reach a peaceful resolution is always the best first course of action, when that’s not possible you should speak to a bullying in the workplace lawyer.

No-one needs to live with bullying – speak to us today and take the first steps toward a more peaceful life.

Employment law – securing your business’ position

Secure your business position with employment law advice from Ashby CohenA patent-holding company has ruffled a few feathers recently with the news they are suing Facebook over its use of the illustrious ‘like’ button.

Rembrandt Social Media, acting on behalf of deceased Dutch programmer Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer, assert they are in possession of two patents used by Facebook without permission – and this, they claim, is what Facebook’s success, in part, is based on.

This case, despite its magnitude, is just the latest in a long line of litigation aimed at big business, and serves to illustrate that no firm, regardless of its size and influence, is safe from legal claims.

That’s why it pays for your company to secure its legal position by obtaining the services of the best employment law firms London has to offer.

Consequently, here are a couple of top tips to be mindful of if your business does find itself requiring legal help…

First of all, your company’s legal obligations and responsibilities – and the disparaging consequences of legal proceedings – means it’s advisable to take pre-emptive action.

Here at Ashby Cohen we can help you implement policies and procedures so your company complies with regulations that cut down legal disputes in the first instance – and that means your firm can avoid expensive claims from unhappy employees.

Secondly, the sheer complexity of employment law means employers can be easily tripped up by constantly changing legislation – but here at Ashby Cohen, our team of employment lawyer’s work with you to resolve workplace disputes efficiently with advice that is professional, comprehensive, reliable and dependable.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation, so if your business needs to defend itself, or simply get its legal position in order, get in touch with us today.

Employment law changes vex employers

Understand how employment law changes might affect you with Ashby Cohen

A slew of impending changes to UK employment laws could threaten the expansion and recruitment plans of employers across the country.

Covering everything from flexible working, through parental leave, to pensions and employee shareholder schemes, the changes are nothing if not comprehensive.

And with so much to consider, there appears to be a real risk of employers becoming bogged down in figuring out how the new rules will affect them – to the detriment of pursuing commercial progress.


Some of the major changes include as follows:

  • Parental leave entitlement to rise from 3 months to 4 months
  • Parental leave to be shareable between mother and father.
  • Workers entitled to flexible working arrangements.
  • Employee shareholder contracts to be introduced.
  • Maximum pay outs in employment tribunals to rise from February
  • Introduction of up-front fee for workers to bring certain tribunal claims to court which could be recoverable frm the employer

As employment law specialists, it’s our job to understand these changes and how they may affect businesses of all sizes.

If you’re lost in legislation, or if you believe ensuring compliance will force you to put plans to one side, it’s time to give us a call.

We can help you to formulate clear procedures which comply with the new legislation, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business safe in the knowledge you are protected from potentially costly claims.

Safeguard your business – get in touch today.