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An employee’s guide to flexible working

Discover your rights as an employee to flexible working hoursFor certain employees, a request for flexible working should be given serious consideration as part of an employer’s legal duty – and the request should only be rejected if there are viable business reasons for doing so.

Whether it’s cutting hours to part-time, working from home, or being part of a job share, your eligibility for a statutory flexible working request depends on:

  • Being an employee – agency workers don’t qualify
  • Having 26 weeks continuous employment on the date the request is made
  • Not having made another statutory request in the last year

If you do have the statutory right to apply, procedures must be adhered to by you and your employer, and the process can take up to 14 weeks.

To find out more about your rights as an employee, take a look at our flexible working page for a comprehensive overview.

Know your rights as a part-time worker

Discover what employment rights you have as a part time worker.As a part-time worker, you are legally entitled to the same protection rights as a full-time worker – and that has been the case for the last 20 years.

In fact, if your employer treats you unfavourably based on the amount of hours you work, they are potentially opening themselves up to legal action.

Here at Ashby Cohen, we specialise in employment law cases, which means we can offer you expert advice on your rights as a part-time worker.

If you feel you have a legitimate grievance against your employer, take a look at our part-time workers’ page for further information.