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Employment Tribunal Fees Deter Growing Number of Claimants

Ashby Cohen discuss a recent survey on employment tribunal claimsAccording to a recent survey carried out by Citizens Advice, the introduction of fees in employment tribunals has deterred a significant number of claimants from pursuing valid claims.

Since the fees were introduced by the government in July 2013, employment tribunal applications have reduced by a staggering 66 per cent.

The Citizens Advice survey of 361 people having problems at work also revealed just under half would have to save for six months to pay for tribunal fees of £1,200.

These fees were brought in by the government to cut the number of spurious claims, and to reduce the cost to the taxpayer, but the Fairer fees: Fixing the employment tribunal system report found:

  • Over 80 per cent said existing fees would make them less likely to claim or deter them from claiming altogether.
  • More than half (53 per cent) were unaware of the benefits of making a claim and, as a result, whether it was worth their while financially.
  • Four in five (80%) said they raised issues with their employer before taking further action.

Additionally, although there are clear signs people are discouraged by exorbitant fees, a majority of folk would be willing to pay something to have their voice heard. For example, a fee of £50 would not put 90 per cent of people off, according to Citizens Advice figures.

Voicing her concerns on the matter, Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, said:

“The employment tribunal system is imbalanced against claimants. Fees are pricing people out of basic workplace rights and a justice system that is supposed to protect them. Unfair dismissals, employers withholding wages and discrimination are problems that Citizens Advice is unfortunately hearing about all too often.”

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