Employment Law Specialists

Employment law specialists Ashby Cohen Solicitors have years of experience in the field of employment law, and the fact that we specialise in this specific legal domain means that we are able to provide a comprehensive and highly focussed service for our clients.

As employment law specialists, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a complete portfolio of employment-related legal services. In addition to our employment law work, we can also provide expertise in partnership law and commercial agency law, which means that we are ideally suited to help you with all your employment law needs whether you’re an employer or an employee.

We can deal with cases relating to all areas of employment law, including:

In each and every case we take on, we work hard to understand the situation from our client’s point of view, and fully appreciate not just the legal implications but also the human element in every situation.

Solicitors in Employment Law

With years of experience in employment law Ashby Cohen can help you if you want to find a solution to an employment problem without being forced to take a course of action leading to a strict legal judgement.

Ashby Cohen are employment law specialists who also provide advice on partnership law and commercial agency matters. To find out more about our services, go to our home page, or visit our contact page for a free initial consultation.