Employment Lawyers You Can Trust in London

If you’re looking for clear, forthright and trustworthy employment law advice, we can help.

Whether you’re an employer or employee, our specialist employment lawyers are equipped with the expertise to tackle a wide range of workplace-related legal matters.

Indeed, the raft of legislation surrounding employment has grown in complexity in recent years, and complying with these regulations can be difficult. In today's increasingly litigious world, employers have to be more aware than ever of the potential legal repercussions of their actions.

Therefore, we provide you with expert legal advice to help put policies in place that minimise the risk of falling foul of future employment legislation and sidestep the financial burden your business can ill afford.

With our employment lawyers, you can be sure you'll get straightforward and succinct advice that safeguards your best interests and keeps you within the letter of the law.

Dedicated Employment Lawyers

We also work with employees looking to secure their rights in the workplace. Consequently, if you feel your employer or your co-workers have treated you unfairly, we can advise you on the best course of action.

In the event of any work-related dispute, obtaining swift, professional legal advice is essential if you want to make sure your legal position is strong.

One consultation with our employment solicitors is all it takes to set your mind at ease and provide you with the information you need to move forward and resolve any work-related legal issues.

UK Employment Law Experts

At Ashby Cohen, we work with employers and employees from across the employment spectrum, focusing on UK employment law and providing a wide-ranging service to our clients. With years of experience handling a broad variety of employment law cases, we’re qualified to meet your needs.

For employers, an increasing weight of legislation on work-related matters means it’s easier than ever to fall foul of regulations and become exposed to potentially costly and damaging claims.

Negotiating through the legal minefield that is UK employment law is not an easy task, which is why it’s a wise decision to engage our services to ensure sound policies are in place to prevent future legal repercussions.

For employees, our skilled professionals can advise on the correct course of action for anyone who feels they’ve been ill treated by their employer.

Importantly, employees who are treated unjustly may be entitled to compensation, and even damages, depending on the type and nature of the claim. We can help ensure wronged employees receive the full measure of their entitlement.

If you feel our employment lawyers can be of assistance to you, please get in touch to arrange your free initial telephone consultation.

Providing a Comprehensive Service

In addition to our work as specialist employment lawyers, we’re also highly skilled in partnership law and commercial agency law, and can assist with any disputes that may arise.

Our employment lawyers have a great deal of experience in these areas, which enables us to provide a comprehensive service to our clients.

For more information, please take a look at our pages on partnership law and commercial agency.